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Child Poverty

Child Poverty in New Zealand

In New Zealand 1 child in 5 lives in a family below the poverty line.

What happened to the country that was once such “a great place to bring up kids?” Watch the award winning documentary that shocked the nation here.

Child Poverty Features

As some of you know I was asked to give this year's Quaker Lecture on Inequality and Social Justice Issues.

I made this documentary in 2011.

While some things have changed such as free medical care now for the Under 6 year olds nearly  all of the rest of the programme is, shamefully, as relevant today as when I made it.

The $790million Budget package aimed at reducing hardship among children living in some of New Zealand's poorest families " it's not going to do much to shift the shocking number of children living in families below our existing poverty


Child Poverty Blog Posts

Last month I was invited to give my lecture on inequality in Kaitaia. On the way I stopped of in Whangarei to interview Adrian Whale who runs the Te Tai Tokarau Emergency Housing Trust.

"To listen to people like Bill English you'd think that Social Housing was a huge millstone around our collective necks.

Some months ago I promised I would produce a guide to how you might vote in a child friendly parliament. Here it is.

National is now the only party that has not committed to cross-party talks after the election on child poverty . 

In my survey I asked all political parties if in principle they would support making  free 24 hour medical care  available to all children and young people up to the age of 18.

How important are the first 6 years in a child's life? Answer - vital.

I'm a baby boomer. One of the post war generation who grew up in in Christchurch.

I read a really interesting post on Child Poverty Action Group's site this morning (see below) It's about how children were once able to roam widely and unsupervised in our communities.

I 've noticed a lot of Either/Or assumptions being made in the debate over free healthy school meals. Either it's the Parents responsibility Or it's the State's responsibility.

You're 7 years old. It's winter. You haven't had breakfast and you're hungry. What do you want to hear?

"Why doesn't your Mum feed you in the morning? I hope you're not going to grow up to be a bad parent like her?"


Who is Bryan Bruce?

Bryan Bruce is an award winning documentary maker, and best selling author. Born in Scotland in 1948, his family emigrated to New Zealand in 1956. He grew up in Christchurch and attended the University of Canterbury where he graduated with an M.A.[1] in Sociology and Philosophy and Christchurch Teacher’s College where he earned a Diploma in Teaching.

Bryan is best known for his work on 'The Investigator' documentary series, 'Inside Child Poverty' and 'Mind The Gap'.