Planned Student Protest Gets My Vote.

Watching the remarks by some politicians on TV ONE last night about the upcoming Student Climate Change Protest March on the 15th of this month revealed how much this action by our young people is needed and should be supported.

First up there was the sneering attitude of the National party

Judith Collins: “Their little protest is not going to help the world one bit”

Simon Bridges : “A couple of chants as they march along and maybe McDonalds afterwards. You know what I don’t know if they’d learn a lot from that”

Nikki Kay called it “ a political stunt” , Todd Muller 
“ a political prank”

Proof to our young people , if proof were needed , that these politicians don’t give a damn about what students think – and THAT in itself is worthy of their protest.

Then there was the curmudgeonly Winston Peters :

“We pay a lot of money for people to get educated , attending school is compulsory in this country.

Well, yes we do Mr Peters and personally I’m very glad to see we are teaching our young people to think for themselves. As for breaking rules in a good cause, you might recall that Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King used civil disobedience to help change the world.

Then there was the effusive, “we’re on to it”, Jacinda Ardern

“What I’d like to think is that in New Zealand there is less cause for protest .We’re certainly trying to do out bit”

The thing is, Prime Minister, while it is true that Labour and Greens have showed willing on the Climate Change issue if you look up Climate Tracker
you’ll see that India and Ethiopia are doing far better than us on achieving the goal of preventing a 2 degrees Celsius rise in global temperature and Morocco is leading the charge on cooling down the world – not us.

We’re currently rated as doing “insufficient” to meet the 2 degree goal.

So yes, I think the students do have good reason to protest the lack of political progress on an issue that will impact hugely on their lives and I say good on them for speaking up and speaking out.

Oh, and one last thing .

National and NZ First – do keep up it . Today’s 17 year olds will be next year’s voters and they are listening to every snide and belittling thing you say about them.

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