Labour’s Broken Promise

One month before the last election Jacinda Ardern promised to “crack down on royalty -free use of New Zealand’s limited water resources”
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Since then huge consents have been granted to Chinese bottling companies Nongfu Spring and Cloud Ocean Water under this Labour led coalition who,instead of overhauling the operation of the Overseas Investment Office and the Resource Management Act, have shrugged their collective shoulders and gone “Nah – what can you do?”

Well what you can do Prime Minister , what you can do Conservation and Land Information Minister Eugene Sage is change our laws to stop this plundering of one of our most precious natural resources

This is not only a broken election promise by Labour and Greens it’s arguably Crown theft and certainly environmental vandalism

We are talking Billions of litres of fresh water shipped offshore in plastic bottles each year.

There are some very important issues to be resolved before we export one more drop of our fresh water. 

Here’s just 3 of them
1. The John Key argument that “No one owns the water “ needs parliamentary scrutiny because
(a) Maori may very well have rights over water via the Treaty and this needs to be resolved not ignored.
(b) If no one owns the water then surely no one has the right to sell it

2. The effect of plundering our fresh water supplies on the water cycle,our rivers, streams, lakes and the fish, plant and wildlife that depend on a constant supply of fresh water needs to be independently investigated .

We need much more non-partisan research to be done into fresh water issues in our country so that the bought and paid for opinions of scientists hired by the water bottling companies can be properly assessed.

3 And what of our responsibility to the planet? Especially to ocean life if we export billions of plastic bottles overseas each year.

As for the glossy commercials made by New Zealand PR companies you find on the websites of some of these foreign bottling companies that push the argument that we’ve got lots and lots of water so what’s the problem with allowing foreigners bottlers to export it at give away prices?

Well… just substitute the word “oil” for “water” and tell me if the same argument makes any sense.

Countries that sit above a sea of oil don’t give it away just because they have lots of it

We totally underestimate the value of fresh water – and I don’t mean just dollar value.

Because water is more valuable than oil. 

You can live without fossil fuels but you can’t live without water and THAT.. makes it priceless.

It’s high time we stopped thiswater bottling nonsense New Zealand and time we held this government to account over protecting our most valuable resource. As they promised us they would.

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