The rich will remain rich

and the poor will remain poor.
That’s what you can take out of the Labour NZ First rejection of a Capital Gains Tax in any shape or form.

Jacinda Ardern has ruled it out as long as she is leader.

So housing will remain expensive.

GST of course will remain an unfair tax on low income earners as a higher percentage of their income goes in this tax

Any one who thought that this coalition government might be a progressive and transformative one has a right to feel bitterly disappointed tonight.

Prior to the election now Prime Minister Ardern said “neoliberalism has failed” Lots of us cheered!

Tonight The Prime Minister and her Deputy have proved the Zombie economics of trickle down theory is still stalking the corridors of power in Wellington.

Well I”m sorry but I’m really sick of it . Labour has truly forgotten what its name stands for- to represent the interests of working folk not the interests of capital.

Well, I for one cannot just sit here and watch the gap between the rich and the poor in our country grow ever wider knowing the impact these twin decisions will have on our nation’s children who will increasingly suffer a rise in all the diseases associated with poverty.

No one in our country should be unable to afford a warm dry place place to call home. 

No one should have to beg for the medication they need to stay alive 

And no one should have to go into debt for years and years to pay for an education that would improve not only their lives but improve the quality of our society for everyone.

We desperately need to end neoliberalism in our country .

Stay tuned!

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