A Life And Death Decision

David Seymour’s End of Life Choice Bill passed it’s second reading last week It now goes to the Committee of the Whole House where all members of Parliament consider it part by part and have the chance to debate it in detail.

It seems likely the result of the Third reading will be decided by a conscience vote.

We all come to this debate with differing experiences of dealing with the death of whanau and friends and we will all have a variety of moral and ethical views about what is right and wrong.

If you are just beginning to consider the merits (or otherwise) of David Seymour’s Bill a good place to start is the Justice Committee’s report which you can find here.


Speaking for myself… while I am grateful to various members of the medical profession whose expertise over the years has helped me to live a far longer and healthier life than my father or my grandfather, I would not want them to preserve the quantity of my life over the quality of it .

Should the day ever come when the quantity over quality of life becomes an issue for me, I’d like termination to be my decision and not burden a doctor with it.

I would also like to have the choice of writing a living will to alleviate any doubt about my wishes regarding termination 

So, in principle I support The End Of Life Choice Bill to its second reading and will take great interest in the House debate over the detail.

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