You cannot fund the politics of kindness with the economics of selfishness.

We have the third lowest government debt in the OECD yet prior to the last election Greens co-leader James Shaw advocated the “Fiscal Responsibility” rules that both parties signed. This document confirmed that both parties would adhere to the  neoliberal economic agenda which pushes the already low government debt even lower, while private debt ( I’m talking things like tertiary education debt, household debt credit card debt that kind of thing ) is sky rocketting. As a result there has been no attempt to close the many untaxed wealth loopholes while the government continues to tax food! Something which affects low income families the most.

For all its PR words of “wellbeing” this is a ‘business as usual budget’ that does nothing to increase the amount of public money by making wealthy individuals  pay a fairer contribution to the society that allows them to become rich. (Because you cannot get rich on your own – you need to live in a sociey to do that.)

So the Labour led coaltion has a philosophical problem it needs to resolve, because you  cannot  genuinely aspire to  ” the politics of kindness” and try to fund it with the economics of selfishness.

That’s why I organised The People’s Budget last Friday May 31st.

I assembled some of the sharpest minds in the country and frontline workers to give you the alternative view of how to really run socialy meaningful budget . A view you are not hearing in parliament .

Why? Because they don’t want to upset the wealthy.

What’s wealthy ?

Well the base salary of an MP is $160,024 is more than twice the average salary.

I haven’t done the count recently but in 2017 Stuff reported that “116 of our MPs own or had an interest in 302 properties and more than three quarters boast a portfolio of anywhere between two and 12 properties.”

I’d say that if you own more than once house and you earn double the average salary you should be contributing a hell of a lot more to the “well being ” of the society you are privileged to live in.

Please have a cuppa and watch it when you have a moment and share this post with your friends and whanau.

We need to get more people watching and learning from this programme
because , as I say, you are not hearing from any party in parliament that there is  a way to run our economy that we really could deliver wellbeing for more people if the wealthy got fewer tax perks.

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