Every so often I have to remind new arrivals on my website that there are some house rules you need to keep to if you wish to comment .Here they are:

1.Tackle the argument not the person.

2.You have to be polite. You cannot call people names or deliberately insult people. This includes calling politicians names (I know – this can be a tough one) 🙂

3.If you have a conspiracy theory keep it to yourself or find somewhere else to post it.

4.If you blitz my page with posts that basically say the same thing I will ban you. Say it once. Say it well and follow the rest of the rules.

5 If you post .Political Party notices, posts or propaganda it will be deleted and you risk being banned.

6.There is a heavy language filter on my page so if you want your comment to be seen avoid bad language.

7 And I have a new rule – The Demonisation Rule. You cannot demonise or discriminate against any group of people on my page – eg.people on low incomes or new immigrants.

8. You cannot advocate violence as a solution to anything. Full stop.

You don’t have to agree with me -people often don’t. I write because ,like Socrates, I think ” an unexamined life isn’t worth living ” . And I have the above rules for my page because I also think we don’t make the world a better place by behaving badly towards each other.

I often get very busy and cannot visit my page until a very late hour some days – so if you see someone breaking any of the above please personal message me and I will deal with it.